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Our community of teachers and wellness practitioners are passionate about your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

All Yoga teachers have completed a certified Teacher Training program, and participate frequently in workshops and teacher training programs by local and international teachers to develop new skills and expand their knowledge.


Veronique Moved to the Hague in 2000. In Holland she first started practicing yoga, already 12 years ago. She is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher. Veronique has a lot of energy and that is why, at first, she embraced the more active forms of Yoga. Lately she found more balance in her practice. Veronique […]


My classes are best described as being “down to earth with a hint of humour”. I discovered yoga in 2008 and at first followed Bikram and Hot Yoga with my practice focust towards becoming fitter and stronger. More recently, I have become interested in the softer side of yoga as I really had to learn to […]


Hi there, my name is Roos and I started practicing Yoga in 2007 while living in Florence, Italy where I was studying. I was amazed by all the benefits it brings on both mind and body and since then it has been a journey on and off the mat. I finished my first teacher training […]


Rebecca is an insatiably curious yogi and general life enthusiast. A genuine science-, spirit- and wonder junkie. With ongoing studies in neuroscience, philosophy and psychology, she loves to connect all the different dots of what it means to be human. Although she had toyed with the idea of taking up yoga already for years before, […]


Born and Raised in The Hague, The Netherlands, Fi is a Yogi, Dancer and Visual artist. Deeply intrigued by emotions and how they manifest in our bodies, Fi acquired her certification in RYT 200 hours yoga teacher training in Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa in Rishikesh, India & RYT 30 hours Yoga Teacher training in Yin […]


Joy was always set in motion. Having finished musical theater, travelled the world and worked as a dancer and a singer, she found out that teaching was her passion. During work as a dance teacher she started practicing yoga. Love at first sight! Originally because of the physical workouts, but soon she realized the full […]


As a previous aerobics teacher and current outdoor trainer my focus in yoga started very physically. But I soon discovered that yoga gives you much more than just a physical workout. Yoga gives you mental awareness, strength and focus. I believe in a good balance between (physical) effort and relaxation and yoga for me is […]

Kimberly V.

I started practicing yoga in 2007. Before that time I used to dance a lot and I was looking for a way of movement that was less stressful for my body while still offering the physical benefits of dancing. Turned out I found so much more in yoga; it didn’t take long for me to […]


Monique has always been an active human being. Via the route of gymnastics, synchronized swimming and fitness she got in touch with yoga at the age of 20. At her local gym in Rotterdam she fell completely in love with yoga right at the moment that one of her first savasana’s brought stillness in her […]


Catherine has always been a very active person, spending many hours in the gym, also as a teacher. Her focus used to be mainly on intense, sweaty, dynamic classes. At a certain point in life she felt that she needed some balance and that was when she was first introduced to yoga. Yoga turned out […]


Hi my name is Kim, I am a Yin Yoga teacher. For years I was very active as an artist in painting. After my dad got really sick, which was a very emotional time, I needed something else to get my mind quiet. It was then when I found that yoga could give me what […]


As a fan of high impact sports, you can meet Roos most likely in one of our Hot Yoga or Vinyasa classes. She is used to teaching since 2000 and expanded her skills with Power Yoga course in 2015. Roos is mostly attracted to the physical aspect of yoga. Gaining flexibility, loosen tensed muscles, creating […]


Juul is a Yogi, yogateacher, dancer and a massive movement geek. But most of all, Juul likes to live her life in a very positive way. Sharing that through yoga might be her biggest passion. Although she feels life is to short to feel miserable, she knows that a happy and liberated life is not […]


Yoga entered my life slowly, and that is not surprising since my mother is also a yoga teacher. When I was younger dancing was my great passion. I even decided to become a professional dancer. I graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School and worked as choreographer and teacher at Codarts Rotterdam. I did my first […]


My name is Camilla. I´m an expat, a wife, and a yoga teacher. Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, moved to Rotterdam in January 2017, after having lived almost two years in Indianapolis, United States.  Back home in Sweden I lived a very “ordinary” life, with a “normal” job, being busy and stressed like so many others. […]


Willemieke Verweij finished her studies in classical ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance in London and her Yoga teacher training with the Baptiste Institute in America. Her biggest passion is teaching; teaching dance and yoga. Through teaching she aims to inspire, empower and create possibilities for growth. She owns her own dance and yoga […]


I have always been trying to balance my life between my two true loves: Ballet and Law. Except for being a ballet teacher and pilates-yoga instructor, I am a lawyer specializing in Maritime Law. Twelve years ago when I was firstly introduced to pilates and yoga, I immediately fell in love and – needless to […]


Philine is a fun loving, energetic, and spontaneous yogi who is always looking for new experiences and challenges. Though yoga has been in her life in some way since watching her grandfather’s headstands as a young girl, it wasn’t until her thirties that yoga became a daily part of her life. It was during her […]


Until I was 19, I have spend every day dancing through life. And then I got to know yoga and I switched from my first passion to my second. My grandfather taught me, that it is important to make work out off your hobby and thats was I do. I practice yoga every day, even […]


Jenny Schoenmann is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher, teaching Vinyasa flow. She was exposed to Yoga from a very young age as her mother is a dedicated Yoga teacher. Jenny and her family moved to the middle east where she started her teacher training with Valerie Jeremijenko at Yama Yoga. She was guided by […]


Tove kwam na de diagnose ‘reuma’ in aanraking met yoga. Het was geen liefde op het eerste gezicht, aangezien veel houdingen lastig waren met stijve en pijnlijke gewrichten. Jaren later is dat helemaal omgedraaid en is yoga niet meer weg te denken uit haar leven. Ze volgde haar opleiding bij Yogagarden en De Nieuwe Yogaschool […]


“ When I was a teenager, I discovered a great interest for Asia and its traditions and disciplines, and I was fascinated by different writers describing this ancient culture. I came to The Netherlands from Italy to work as a cook, and looking for a method to relieve the stress of a very demanding job, […]


Although I finished my TTC in 2010, just recently I decided to turn my passion for yoga into a career. After teaching in the fitness industry for 10 years, I gradually made a shift to become a yoga teacher. It didn’t go without the necessary growing pains, very often with gaps of not practicing at […]


Sanja is a creative soul, artist of origin and often finds inspiration in contrasts: being strong without losing softness. Her interest in yoga has originally started in 2008 with Vinyasa and Hatha yoga and then has quickly spread to other yoga styles. Her Hatha yoga training she has done in 2013 and 2014. Since then, […]


” Eigenlijk ben ik al sinds ik mij kan heugen met yogabezig, al wist ik toen nog niet dat het ‘yoga’ heette. Bewustzijn, beweging, eenheid, ervaren, voelen, ontdekken, sport, voeding, energie, mensen, reizen – door mijzelf, door mijn lijf en door de hele wereld. Achteraf gezien misschien niet verrassend dat ik na mijn psychologie studie […]

Kimberley N.

Kimi is a young and energetic soul who loves to travel around the world and has met many interesting people, overcome difficult hardships and found her road to happiness and joy for life. Using yoga as a medium she wants to share experiences with others. Kimi’s lessons revolve around fearless living. This means finding your […]


She origins from the rich Chinese Culture. From an early age Dong has a passion for dance, gymnastics and physical movement. Through the years she has completed several trainings like Dynamic Yoga teacher training, Do-in teacher training, Reiki massage and Classic Shiatsu Therapie. Dong believes in the vitality in every person and her passion is to […]


Since 2002 Asha teaches yoga. She experienced on her 14th the intelligence of the body and when pressure of her two studies and management job became to much she returned to yoga and started to do the 3-years Hatha yoga teacher training which brought balance back in her life. Asha teaches Hatha yoga, Power yoga […]


Passioned about sports and movements and always searching for new things, Angelique first came in touch with Yoga in 2005. She already practiced yoga for quite some time when she lost her job during her holidays and decided to learn more about yoga in India. In 2010 she became a certified yoga teacher (RYT500) and […]


Susanne is continuously exploring life, healing, intimacy and connection in her own practice. Connecting to the authentic wisdom of her body and staying present with both light and darkness, was her main focus since 2008. In 2011 yoga touched her deeply when working as a theatre dancer & singer. Susanne remembers herself as a little […]


Zsoka has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years. Besides her busy job she experienced that yoga can really make a difference. That’s why she decided to follow her dreams and share her passion. At Balanzs you will find everything that makes you feel happy. Zsoka believes when you feel happy the whole world […]