Teacher Academy

Welcome at the Teacher Academy.  Our senior staff is committed to teach and spread Yoga all over Europe. There we have developed several trainings to help you grow you practice & your teachings

Balanzs 200 hrs Teacher Training

We have developed an unique teacher training program in the Netherlands, for aspiring yoga teachers and for students wishing to grow their practice. The Balanzs Teacher Training is an opportunity to transform how you relate to the world. Whether you want to deepen your yoga practice or become a teacher, our training will take you on a journey of self-discovery, supported by a caring community of mentors, scholars and fellow students.

Balanzs continuous education

After your initial training, you can benefit from pre- and post-training courses  and ongoing access to our outstanding mentors. All 200 hours graduates ( also from other teacher training)

Find your true balanzs with the Teacher Academy

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Posture of the month: Sun Salutations

The Sun Salutation is often practiced in a flow yoga session. Flexibility, relaxation and the calming of the mind are just some of the benefits that you can achieve through the practice of yoga. The Sun Salutation can give you all of these benefits and is a fantastic way to start the day.You will allow energy […]

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Bijna halverwege 2018!

Alweer 12 mei 2018! Alweer bijna 5 maanden van 2018 voorbij. Tijd om weer eens stil te staan bij jouw dromen, doelen en ambities? Voor ons lijkt het alsof de tijd steeds sneller gaat. En we hebben nog zoveel plannen! Om zoveel mogelijk uit elke dag te halen neem ik je graag mee door mijn […]