26/1: basic principles of Yoga (DH)

Are you new to yoga or do you need to review the way you practice yoga? Then this workshop is a true must for you! Come join and learn tools you can apply to every pose you do in class.

In the yoga philosophy there is a aphorism that says: ‘ Sthira Sukha Asanam’. This means that you should feel comfortable as well as stable and supported in a yoga-posture, and this is exactly what we will explore in this workshop. We will go through some basic postures like Downward Facing Dog, the Warriors, and balance poses to feel and learn how to apply this principle. We also see how to connect these postures together in a flow and what kind of breathing techniques can support you in the practice.

This workshop is both for people new to the practice and more experienced practitioners who would love to fine-tune their practice.

Date: 26th of January 2019
Time: 13.00-15.00
Price: € 25,-
Location: Balanzs Veenkade
Teacher: Juul

To sign up, send an email to hallo@balanzs.nl or simply sign up at the desk in one of our studio’s.