9/2: Yin Yoga: open heart, strong back (RD)

This Yin Yoga workshop will focus on creating and finding openness and space around the chest and shoulder areas, in order to find more comfort and ease coming into (deeper) back-bending poses.

Learn how to safely practice back-bends in Yin yoga, and why a healthy back needs to do these kinds of movements regularly in order to remain strong and pain-free. In addition to a healthy back, the openness created around the heart-space will be of great benefit to our (emotional) wellbeing.

Options will be given to suit all students, depending of your level of comfort with the postures. Bring as many yoga props as you have available: blocks, strap, blanket and bolster. These props will help you deepen your practice.

Date: 9th of February
Time: 14:00 – 16.00
Price: € 30,-
Location: Balanzs Kleiweg
Teacher: Camilla Bonnicel

To sign up, send an email to hallo@balanzs.nl or simply sign up at the desk in one of our studio’s.