31/3: Pillars of Yoga: Breath, Bandha’s and Drishti (RD)

This workshop is all about the Pillars of Yoga: Breath, Bandha’s (energy locks within the body) and Drishti (gaze or focus point of the eyes). If used properly, these tools can increase the quality, the strength and the focus of your practice, preventing injuries and enhancing physical and mental awareness.

We will, theoretically as well as physically, explore how to use and combine the Yoga Pillars during the practice of our asana’s or postures.

Topics covered are:
– How to use Ujjayi breathing (the yogi breath) to increase warmth in the body
– How to use the 3 Bandhas (energy locks) to increase strength and lightness in the practice
– How to use Drishti (gaze or focus point) to stabilize focus and create mental clarity

We will learn how to apply this trinity of Breath, Bandha and Drishti, breaking down asana’s such as:
– Plank, Chaturanga
– High and Low Lunge
– Triangle series
– Balancing (Tree Pose and Warrior 3)
– Basic Forward Fold

The workshop is suitable for beginners as well as experienced students, to build and/or improve their own knowledge. Are you ready to move deeper into your practice?

Date: 31th of March 2019
Time: 14.00-16.00
Location: Balanzs Mariniersweg
Price: € 30,-
Teacher: Luca

To sign up, send an email to hallo@balanzs.nl or simply sign up at the desk in one of our studio’s.