Bij Balanzs organiseren we regelmatig workshops. Soms met internationale docenten, soms met onze eigen docenten. Een workshop volgen is een goede manier om jouw practice te verdiepen. Gedurende het jaar bieden we verschillende workshops aan. De yoga voor beginners workshop bijvoorbeeld, maar ook workshops over mindfulness, meditatie, gezonde voeding, noem maar op. Houd deze pagina in de gaten want er worden nog veel meer workshops gepland!

15/07 Armbalancing (RD)

Put your hands down and lift your feet up!! Welcome to the playground. In this workshop we built the foundation of the funky hand balances sometimes offered in your regular classes. The first part will cover the basic alignment of Bakasana or crane pose and its variations. For the second part we are taking the […]

16/06 Fundamental Alignment (RD)

Always wondered what is needed for a happy plank, warrior II or downward-facing dog? Wanting ask those questions that are not so easily asked in the middle of class? In this workshop we will explore the key functions of and actions needed for the asana’s we find in most of our Yoga classes. As alignment […]

01/07: Relax ‘N Roll: Summer Edition (Den Haag)

Relax ’n Roll | myofascial release Summer is almost here and what a good excuse to come out and play with some tennis balls! During this workshop you’ll go on a personal journey, in which you’ll learn, how to fully relax your body and mind, whilst reducing injuries and increasing flexibility. By “rolling on” the […]