Bij Balanzs organiseren we regelmatig workshops. Soms met internationale docenten, soms met onze eigen docenten. Een workshop volgen is een goede manier om jouw practice te verdiepen. Gedurende het jaar bieden we verschillende workshops aan. De yoga voor beginners workshop bijvoorbeeld, maar ook workshops over mindfulness, meditatie, gezonde voeding, noem maar op. Houd deze pagina in de gaten want er worden nog veel meer workshops gepland!

The art of adjustment

THE ART OF ALIGNMENT & ADJUSTMENTS 30 hours CPD Presented by Jemitra & Viviane in partnership with Balanzs Yoga This course is for all yoga teachers who want to deepen their knowledge and expand their skills on giving hands-on adjustments for proper alignment.Whether you are just starting your teaching career or already have some years […]

Know Your Warriors (RD)

This Hatha-based workshop will give you the foundations for the three common warrior poses often taught in class (hatha & vinyasa yoga alike): Warrior I, II + III. You will learn the difference between the three poses, which muscles to engage, where to relax, possible props to use, and most importantly, the correct alignment for […]