Anne Rose

My name is Anne Rose, psychologist, holistic nutritionist and certified yoga teacher. It is my mission and joy to combine the healing modalities aimed at the different levels of our being, and soul, and apply them in a way that is tailored to the needs of each individual.

It was around the age of 20 when I knew I wanted to delve more into the world of yoga and meditation and become a certified yoga teacher. Participating in my first 200 hours teacher training has been one of the most enriching experiences in my life – the scope of which extends far beyond the simple learning of asanas and sequencing. Yoga encompasses a way of being, a way of watching our thoughts and minds and staying in the present moment while holding a loving and compassionate state towards yourself and others. The effects this can have are deeply profound.

I want to offer a new perspective. Let’s shift from covering up symptoms to understanding the root causes of our limiting beliefs and behaviors. Let’s move from a feeling of powerlessness in our lives, to actively creating the life of our dreams – a life in which you are happy, vibrant, healthy, and empowered!