My name is Camilla. I´m an expat, a wife, and a yoga teacher. Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, moved to Rotterdam in January 2017, after having lived almost two years in Indianapolis, United States.

Back home in Sweden I lived a very “ordinary” life, with a “normal” job, being busy and stressed like so many others. And like so many others, I dreamt of something more, something different. In 2013 I found my way back to my yoga mat, after some on and off attempts, and this time I felt a “connection”. Summer of 2014 I started leading hatha yoga classes (after some training of course) in Gothenburg.

When in early 2015 my husband and I moved to the States, a completely new life began. The life as an expatriate, far away from friends, and family. A 200-hour yoga teacher training became my salvation. In August 2015 I graduated as a registered yoga teacher and once again began leading yoga classes, now in a different language, in a different culture, but a sense of connectedness, feeling of meaning and purpose is now, more true than ever.