Catherine has always been a very active person, spending many hours in the gym, also as a teacher. Her focus used to be mainly on intense, sweaty, dynamic classes. At a certain point in life she felt that she needed some balance and that was when she was first introduced to yoga. Yoga turned out to be a surprising encounter! She discoverd there is not one form of yoga, there are many forms one can choose from depending on how one is feeling at that point in time. She started to take different classes, each time taking one that would suit her needs best at that point of time. This gave her the opportunity to stand still, look inside and get more in touch with herself, her feelings and needs.
Although Catherine is still spending some hours in the gym, her schedule has become more balanced, making her feel grounded. Catherine is a human being: she has experienced (and still experiences!) many different emotions in multiple environments, in life in general and has an eye for human needs and feelings. She encourages people to be their authentic self and have fun on the mat. The play in energy is typical for Catherine’s classes: you will dance with the needs of your mind and body on your mat.