Ellen is a Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher and an enormously dedicated practicioner with a deep understanding of yoga postures and their mechanics.

Ellen’s love of movement was there as long as she can remember. As a child and teenager she was facinated by classical ballet and other forms of dance. In 2005 she took her first yoga class. Since then she has been practicing several forms of yoga and over the years she developed a passion for Astanga yoga. She loves the connection to the breath, the pathway to our inner world. She has a daily practice and regularly studies with other teachers to deepen her knowledge.

In 2013 she started teaching. She teaches Mysore style, ashtanga led and vinyasa yoga. Through breath and movement she can help her students to find balance and strenghten their body and mind. While teaching, her goal is to allow her students to discover their hidden strength and courage in their practice, so that they surprise themselves and have fun. She inspires her students to listen closely to themselves and the signals their bodies have for them, so they can find a deeper connection with themselves and their environment on and off the mat.