I’ve always had a very active lifestyle. Running, hiking, skating  are a big part of my life. After high school I started studying dance and music. About 4 years in, having injury after injury,  I decided to take a yoga class. The combination between asana, breath and mindfulness gave me a huge sence of liberation and peace, physically and mentally. I started with practicing yoga as a support for the other activities I was doing, but gradualy my engagement with yoga grew  and after a while I was on the mat every day.

The interest in yoga pulled me to India, where I eventually followed my TTC.  Shortly after I traveled through Asia  for a year to teach at retreats and studios all around. The universal character of yoga is truly amazing. It leads to a sense of connection. Connection with others, nature and yourself. In my classes I provide a safe environment for that connection.  Exploring and strengthening your body and mind.

I hope to see you soon on the mat!