Jenny Schoenmann is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher, teaching Vinyasa flow.
She was exposed to Yoga from a very young age as her mother is a dedicated Yoga teacher.

Jenny and her family moved to the middle east where she started her teacher training with Valerie Jeremijenko at Yama Yoga. She was guided by guest teachers like Renee Cerro and Michael Gannon as well as for Vinyasa by Meghan Currie and Chris Chavez.

After completing an initial 200 hours yoga teacher training Jenny went on to deepen her skills with an additional 300 hours training. She is continuously looking for inspiration to her practice and teaching competence by attending international workshops at locations such as Thailand and Sri Lanka.

She is well versed in several styles of teaching and has knowledge of the fundamentals of anatomy developed under the guidance of Noah McKenna, Alison West and Tiffany Cruikshank, as well as philosophy and pedagogy by Bridget Woods Kramer, Eddie Stern and Nicki Knoff.

Focusing on the physical and mental health benefits through pranayama, asanas, meditation and nutrition, Jenny deeply believes that Yoga is an effective alternative medication.

Jenny creates a space where each student can be safely guided through an energizing, heart opening and mind calming practice. She has a passion for teaching yoga and keeps inspiring her students on their individual yoga journeys.

In Jenny’s classes you will move through an intelligent Vinyasa flow which gives you the ability to deepen your practice and provides the space to play around and explore new postures.