Juul is a Yogi, yogateacher, dancer and a massive movement geek. But most of all, Juul likes to live her life in a very positive way. Sharing that through yoga might be her biggest passion. Although she feels life is to short to feel miserable, she knows that a happy and liberated life is not given to you. A happy life unfolds itself if you learn to cope with change, accept who you are, take responsibility for your actions and last but not least; learn to live from your heart! Juul tries to cultivate this in her classes and combines that with creative flow sequences which are all inspired by the dance of the breath traveling through the body.

After working as a professional dancer for a couple years Juul felt she wanted to share her passion for movement beyond the stage and finished her first 200 hour ashtanga vinyasa TT in 2013. She has been a passionate teacher and student since then, learning from different high qualified vinyasa yoga teachers like Shiva Rea and Coral Brown. She also did a Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Jose de Groot. Recently she got her 500 hour certification by finishing a yoga teacher training with Emil Wendel and Julie Martin who are a big inspiration to her. Juul loves to teach flow classes and at Balanzs she teaches Gente flow, Fusion, and Sunday evening yoga, you can also find her alot as a substitute teacher in the vinyasa and hot yoga classes.