“ When I was a teenager, I discovered a great interest for Asia and its traditions and disciplines, and I was fascinated by different writers describing this ancient culture.
I came to The Netherlands from Italy to work as a cook, and looking for a method to relieve the stress of a very demanding job, I was introduced to Yoga by a friend of mine.
Since then, Yoga became part of my daily life: practice brought me love, health and peace of mind. Eventually, my friend became a Swami and guided me along this beautiful path for the last 8 years.
In 2011, I travelled around Asia experiencing my meditation path through different kinds of retreats, and in January 2015 I quit my job to dedicate all my time to Yoga and to deepen my knowledge and practice. Then, I went to Florence to become a Yoga teacher.
There I discovered the importance of the breath, the energy of life which calms the mind and creates transformation when it is connected with movement.
I also discovered Ashtanga and the Rocket path, a genius routine created by Larry Schultz who took primary, intermediate and advanced poses and sequenced them around the joints to energise and calm the mind.

My classes are a dynamic sequence of poses, based on the connection between breath and movement, to flow through the asanas.
The Rocket is the ultimate health management system based on a modification of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga designed to cleanse and strengthen the body.
Connected with a focused and correct breathing, it oxygenates the blood, supporting circulation to bring more blood to the brain to maximise clear thinking, and induces the elimination of toxins and purifies the body.
It serves as a path to health, flexibility, strength, and balance and…it gets you there faster!! “