As a fan of high impact sports, you can meet Roos most likely in one of our Hot Yoga or Vinyasa classes. She is used to teaching since 2000 and expanded her skills with Power Yoga course in 2015.

Roos is mostly attracted to the physical aspect of yoga. Gaining flexibility, loosen tensed muscles, creating strength and physical satisfaction afterwards. But she is always impressed by the interaction of body and mind. Dealing with the challenges on the mat has many similarities with challenges in daily life. Yoga brings her focus, acceptance, calmness and a clearer mind. On and off the mat.

Her aim as a teacher is to make challenging classes accessible. Guiding you step by step into the common postures, further than you expected to be possible for you.

In daily life Roos is an entrepreneur in interim HR management and coaching. She can be described as an open, positive, down to earth and pragmatic personality.